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Half Dozen Assortment

Half Dozen Assortment

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Indulge in KyKy’s half dozen assortment of signature Kookie flavours. 

Perfect for gifting, Kookies come individually wrapped in our gift boxes. There is a Kookie that everyone will enjoy in this box! Flavours include our trusted favourites:

  • OG Chocolate Chunk
  • Birthday Kake (or Celebration Kake)
  • Everything Oatmeal
  • Peanut Butter Cup
  • Karrot Kake or Bakers choice
  • Bakers choice

contains: nuts, dairy, wheat, soy ingredients. 

Please note that half dozen boxes cannot be customized. If you would like a custom assortment, please order flavours individually and create your own assortment box. 

Certain signature flavours may change seasonally and will be listed.